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The Midnight Hour

  1. Nov 5, 2005 #1
    What do you find yourself doing at this magical time? During high school, I remember attempting to sleep and having to flip the light on to hunt mosquitos...spawn of Satan I tell you!

    on a side note, are those smilies moving? Stop driving me insane!!!!!:cry:

    Another fun activity is taking a walk with my fave cd in the discman - eg Donnie Darko, A Perfect Circle - night music:cool: (which is why I chose the sunglassed smilie of course...is sunglassed a word, be-glassed mayhaps?)

    Plus, when you're really tired, lots of things seem promising - rearranging your room, cataloguing your digital pictures, staring at posters on your wall. All night dominoes! Watching normal words morph into a foreign language, eg "the" "four"....they look strange if you look at em too long. Words are magical indeed.

    Making new polls:biggrin:
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    What do I do?
    Watching movies, surfing the web,... and finally go to bed. Thinking , thinking,.... :cry:
    I don't know whether we can't sleep when we're thinking or we have to think since we can't sleep! :confused: ( I finally fall sleep 3 AM and then get up 8 AM.)
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