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The mind and perception

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    I was kind of wondering... What if everything i saw was just created by my mind? So lets say that you do not exist, i just created you in my imagination. Lets just say that somehow this is a vivid dream and someone somewhere created me to fit into this fantasy world just to fill it? What if you and i are not even alive? :uhh:
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    The idea is called solipsism. I am inclined to believe that most humans (especially during adolescence) consider this kind of thought at least once in their lives.

    To me, it seems less than constructive to hold to closely to solipsism.
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    Everything is created inside a persons mind it couldnt be any other way if you think about it. The only question is how does it feel? If it feels anything to you then I think your safe on the not being totally imaginary. Of course its all imaginary imo.
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