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Medical The mind percieves what it wants to percieve

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    I am having an argument with someone else, and I want to see what you guys think.

    I believe that the mind percieves what it wants to percieve, and that your reality could be completely different than someone elses. for example:

    in person A's mind, or reality, he is talking to person B. however, his mind percieves this act in it's own way, meaning that person B, in their reality, could be miles off talking to a person C.

    everyone has their own reality. and everyone's is different. My IM buddy says I'm nuts
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    he's starting to make me mad:

    Zelos says:
    i have to congratulate u james
    Zelos says:
    uve succefully shown that americans are more stpid than i ever dared to imagen
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    How do you think perception works? What is it that you're perceiving?

    Since this is in biology instead of philosophy, what predictions does your theory make? If you hold up two fingers in front of a group of people and ask them how many fingers you're holding up, what answers would you expect to get?
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    Well, in the case of certain mental illnesses, it would be true that perception of reality is altered. Hallucinogens would also have such an effect.

    As for healthy, non-drug treated people...well, we really don't know, do we? Though, the example you're giving is more one of what are we paying attention to and noting, not whether two people looking at the same thing are perceiving it differently.
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    That is true. Many illusionists disturb your focusing/attention and make their game. Brain is able to discard from a scene many important things depending of your thought at the moment.
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    If this is true, how come I can still percieve your posts?
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    That cannot be entirely true, because both brain must be compatable enough to communication to each other using language.
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    You perceive what u want to, and once u decide this, your mind will modify anything else
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