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The Mind

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    Does the mind have a limit to knowledge it can obtain or over time or can it do anything? More time depending on the persons skills of course? For example Math. I'm in Grade 10 I take normal Math. I have trouble with the occasional thing but if I do I practice it. There isn't any math I've encountered I just can't do at all. Probably because its Grade 10 of course and Math is one of my strong points. However I'm curious is can practice increase the capabilities of the mind or do you just have a limit where you just can't cram in anymore. I think thats how it is and if so how can this limit expand. Is it age?

    Another question: I've found people taking french emerision. I didn't take it I should have. But I find they excel more in studies generally. My theory is that there mind was challenged early and faster so there mind has come closer to its maximum capacity earlier? Basically when an average person is 20 and they are 20 it will even out? This is just a guess.

    Basically I'm wondering what rates does the capacity of the mind increase on general. At 20 for example is it 80% ect ect.

    Big post. Whew. :smile:

    EDIT: This was supposed to go in Social Sciences. I don't knwo how to delete my own post if its possible and I'm assume moderators can move things so if someone could move it that would be great. Thanks alot.
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    Yeah, not quite chemistry but I can still give you my opinion.
    I don't think there really is a limit, the limit is imposed by the person doing the learning. If you're the kind of person who craves knowledge and loves spending his/her time reading/learning things then you're going to continue learning more and more. Another big factor to account for is time and experience. You can't expect to understand everything a nuclear physicist would in a matter of weeks, you have to spend time and deal with the knowledge as it is presented to you.
    I don't believe the mind has a maximum capacity, it's up to the individual to decide how much knowledge he/she deems satisfactory. Time doesn't help either, as I'm restating, one often spends a good portion of his/her life learning all about one subject. In other words no one can learn eevrything because there isn't enough time in a person's life to account for everything.

    I'm not sure if I've answered the question you've been asking but what the hell.
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