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The Minnesota Iceman

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    The Minnesota Iceman is described on Wikipedia as "sideshow exhibit that depicts a man-like creature frozen in a block of ice."


    What is claimed to be the same 'Iceman' is now put on exhibit at this place:

    Now the question is, has the current item on display there yet been examined? I mean, after all fuzz-and-buzz that occured from the discovery of eg. Ötzi I think there should be at least something regarding this?

    Or could it be that it is so obviously a hoax for people who know these things, that no expert never even wanted to touch the subject? Or the owner very well knows or fears that it's all latex, that he doesn't want anybody to investigate it?

    If this really is a unique finding, it would be very said if it's locked into the basement of a commercial museum. I think that somebody at least should have examined a few DNA samples from the object in question. Maybe there is a recent report out there, just that I coudn't find it.

    There is some written here about it, but nothing really conclusive:
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