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The Minus Dimensions

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    I've been reading all about dimensions and started theorising myself , can there be something like -1D? The theory I came up is this:

    The Minus Dimensions don't have an object (it doesn't exist), but it's form is created by the location, which is other specific positive D objects. For example: -1D - A blank line surrounded by other lines which exist. -2D - A non-existant form of a 2D square created by other 2D squares, which exist. -3D - A non existant 3D object surrounded by other 3D objects. The most important rule is that the non-existant object must be the center of the created location.

    Basicly this would explain a lot of other events.

    Tell me what you think

    - Liutauras
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    (it doesn't exist) about sums it up.
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    Objects (and things like force and momentum) exist and are what they are.

    Dimensions just provide a way to describe objects (and other things). Any dimensions necessary and useful to describe the real world can be created by the person doing the explaining - provided they're understandable and actually make the description better.

    So your idea wouldn't be a theory; it would be a method. It isn't totally clear how your method would explain other events, though. (Don't fall in love with unique methods that just don't add much to what you're trying to say or acocmplish.)
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    Thread locked.

    The main purpose of Physics Forums is to teach and discuss the current state of knowledge in science, math, and technology; personal theories and non-mainstream speculation are against our guidelines.
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