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News The Missing Six Minutes with Ron Paul

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    The Missing Six Minutes with Ron Paul 12/19/07

    Last night at 9:54 PM and this morning at 5:54 AM an interview cable TV program featuring Ron Paul called Headline News (CNN 24 hour news) with Glenn Beck conducting the interview was cut off adbruptly and without explaination.

    Glenn Beck just prior to going to commercial break promised to let Ron Paul speak his mind about any topic and not be limited to a 20-second sound bite, which Beck claimed tends to make Paul sound "Crazy" (his words not mine).

    What is strange is that last night which I understand was a "live" interview was cut off by a grainy news clip about seniors bowling, and how bowling is fun and good exercise, a game played by the ancient Egyptians..........completely irrelevant to anything. An emergency filler for something gone terribly wrong I'm forced to assume.

    This morining the "filler" was provided by my local cable carrier "ComCast" . Just as irrelevant, this was a mock interview between a ComCast commentator and another person of little note. I don't even know the point of the filler, it was obviously thrown together in the heat of the moment, and recently too, just to fill the time allotted before the next scheduled program.

    An interview conspiracy?

    A local black out?

    What's going on here?

    Did anyone see the whole interview to the end?
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    It looks like a few people on Digg saw the same thing
    http://digg.com/2008_us_elections/Ron_Paul_Hour_Long_Interview_With_Glenn_Beck_Dec_18_2007 [Broken]
    "CNN put on some senior to talk about bowling for a convenient 10 minutes which totally blocked out the rest of the programming where Ron was supposed to be talking."

    I didn't know he was supposed to be on Beck's show, but I'll be sure to watch that later :smile:
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    Thank you for the link, the last segment is intact and viewable.

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    Hahaha, I got that old lady talking about bowling too, hooray for Comcrap! I caught the end of Beck later on since they rerun his show every other hour or so ;)
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    lol I love you Ron Paul

    Paul keeps white supremacist donation
    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20071219/ap_po/ron_paul_white_supremacist [Broken]
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    Yeah but he has a rock solid excuse. The first amendment protects their right to hate anybody, and I support that particular amendment, so I can keep this money :biggrin:
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