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The Moire Effect?

  1. May 7, 2004 #1
    It was important I give some background information here to help support some of the statements that I have been currently talking about. How would these applciations realize the issues of brane collisions and matter considerations, as universes form.

    The following post helps to clarify some of the thinking going on that I have presented in terms of Heteordyne solutions?

    "Why if the membranes were vibrating slightly different polarities and or frequencies were to collide then the effect would create a moire pattern similar to what you observe on two poorly registered half time separation in a print workshop . The screen angles should be for a set of 4 color process 45deg for the Black and White printer , 75deg for the Magenta printer , 90deg for the Yellow,printer 105deg for the Cyan printer. An undesirable interference pattern or "moire" will occur if the correct screen angles are not used."


    What I wanted to know is if such comparison helps to illucidate the ideas of Brane scenarios for better visualizations?
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