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The Monster Of Bear Lake

  1. Aug 12, 2004 #1
    GARDEN CITY, Utah — There's no photographic proof, but some say it looks like a walrus minus the tusks.

    Something to talk a boat: A supposed monster has been talked about, debated and scouted since its first reported sighting in 1868.
    Others are adamant it's a dinosaur. Or a big alligator that swims really fast.
    But while the existence of the Bear Lake Monster has been debated at coffee shops and campfires since the first published report in 1868, this much is undisputed: Stories about the monster can make cash registers sing at stores ringing the lake on the Idaho-Utah border.


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    jimmy p

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    So, a big fat sea-lion then?

    Of course, you have to get your moneys worth in a nice expensive hotel, and maybe on the last day the monster may "appear" just as you are going to leave..

    HOAX!!!! :biggrin:
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    A walrus without tusks would look quite similar to a manatee would it not?
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