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The Most Creative Response

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    Hey, this is not a brain teaser but i figured that creative people must visit this fprum so i thought I'd see what ideas I would get. I need to prepare a skit of any genre that incorporates a loud bang, a silver mirror or silver bottle and green fire and smoke. Three totally different things in one skit...anyone know a cool way to use these devices. Take a moment and think, BANG, mirror, green fire and smoke..... of course any order will do
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    Silver bottle,
    green smoke/fire

    = genie in a bottle?
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    You're a vampire ok ... you enter the room with smoke, as you walk down you see yourself in a silver mirror which is not supposed to happen, so you freak out then start burning in green (garden) fire. Then as the fire burns out, you appear in a bottle and then bang, the bottle cracks and you're human (of eve) again.
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    hahah tht is funny except the smoke and fire appear simultaneously. but lol that made me laugh...any ideas this can be really fun if you think about it!
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    i have u a skit
    assume your a king (a comedy king)as u enter into the stage there s abig loud bang
    so there comes a girl whom u like to get marriedso u ask ur friend the silver mirror .
    it gives u gren signal by green fire.
    then there appear a smoke from which her husband emerges with a stick to beat u.... thats it
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    Hey. I have a skit for you.
    Assume you're a king (a comedy king). As you enter onstage, there is a big, loud bang and out comes a girl you would like to marry. You ask your friend - a silver mirror. It gives you the green light in the form of green fire. Then smoke appears from which her husband emerges with a stick to beat you. That's it.
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    bahahah that is hilarious.
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