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The Motocycle Diaries (Che Guevara) is a fantastic movie.

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    I reccomend that everyone here, regardless of political ideology, go see The Motorcycle Diaries. The movie is about Ernesto "Che" Geuvara and his companion, Alberto Granado, on a motorcycle trip with the goal of exploring South America. The movie shows Ernesto (Che) and Alberto in their home-town, before leaving for the trip, with a romanticized sense of adventure about the trip. It goes on for a bit with some general adventuring, and later gets into the experiences that re-shaped Ernesto into Che and gave him the convictions which he later fought and died for (though the movie doesn't actually show any fighting or killing).

    As I said, I don't think that your political ideology will really affect your ability to appreciate this this movie. Some people might see it as a story of a hero who picks up a noble and worthy cause, and others might see it as a story of a naive young man who tragically is sucked up into a movement that he can't possibly understand the consequences of. However you view it, the acting/writing is tremendous and it's a great movie in general.
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    Che Guevara was an assasin, thats the only word that fits with it. Its biography is so nice.
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    I didn't say Che Guevara was a nice guy, I just said the movie was good...

    Hell, people love the Godfather movies, and the main characters are active assasins in the movie.
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    Right. Completely agree. :approve: :approve:

    But not be too hard with Wasteofo2, he only likes the movie..... :shy:
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