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The mouse wants to get caught ?

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    As usual, mouse is always afraid of cat, that I think is because it is afraid to be eaten. But are there any experiments carried out to check the mouse's brain ?

    Second, in human beings, what people usually call "feel the emptiness" is what I really still don't understand. So , how can you describe such a feeling ?
    If someone wants to kill himself, but no one helps him to do that, does such a feeling come to exist anyway? Please give me your example too if possible..

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    Math Is Hard

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    I was reading something in my abnormal psych class about the bi-polar people who commit suicide. It is much more likely to happen in the manic phase of the disease than in the depression phase of the disease. In many cases, depressed people may feel the emptiness and desire suicide, but lack the energy to move to action until the manic phase kicks in.
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    But I am looking for a definition of *emptiness*.
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    Math Is Hard

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    Well, try it this way. What is it in your life that makes it "full"? What if all of that was suddenly taken from you? Or if if it suddenly became meaningless or seemingly insignificant? To the average person, who hasn't been through a great deal of hardships or trauma or depression, this might be hard to grasp.
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    I agree that some cases of succide commitment come from depression but depression isn't a means that leads people to killing themselves.
    If i knew what is *emptiness*, I would not ask you what is *full*. So could you tell me what it is?
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    Math Is Hard

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    Can you understand having an empty stomach with nothing to eat? It desires, growls, and aches, with nothing to satisfy it. There is a similar mental malaise sometimes called a "psych-ache". There is a discontent and hunger feeling in a person's "self" - nothing gives pleasure, nothing give satisfaction, and nothing gives contentment. If you are never acquainted with this feeling then you are a fortunate person.
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    well, that sounds familiar but your explanation doesn't show you have any knowledge about reasoning psychologically to how and what things are to go and stop. You mind is full of Creationist's ideas instead. That's an example of 'full'
    By the way I think he is tall, fat and big enough not to be in such situations. But your use of "fortunate" likely leads people to thinking that you expereinced such and such more terribly than they can imagine.
    I believe they are teh hardships you spent your time on from time to time.
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    Math Is Hard

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    I'm sorry, I always try to be as generous as possible to non-native English speakers, but you are making absolutely no sense here.
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    Emptiness i hope is some thing you will never know, but try to imagine a cold
    bleak day, and you think you are a failure in every thing that you do, you have
    no motivation, life seems pointless, you think of various ways to end it all, but
    you do not have the will power even to do that, you think no one likes you, even that they are plotting against you, you can think of nothing that will bring
    happiness, your mind goes around in cycles thinking of all this.

    Then some one shouts coffee up and all is better. :biggrin:
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    In some cases the "emptiness" that you are describing is similar to being chronically lonely. Not lonely as in amount of people around (one can be lonely even in a huge group of people), but lonely in a way that one needs a very good friend to be around. But even then, the feeling may persist depending on the circumstances.

    As MIH said, it is something that doesn't really go away. You wake up with it, and live out your day with it, doing nothing but merely "existing" without joy. It is a rather bleak existance at that, and many times those people just want to be loved and appreciated.
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    The question;

    "What does emptiness feel like"

    Is self explanitory. "Empty" is the keyword here. There is no definition of something which doesn't exist. If you are feeling empty, you cannot feel depressed, nor happy. Emptiness = nothingness. You feel nothing, literally nothing. Try yourself to define "nothing" without coming back up with "nothing" (nothing is nothing), you can find many other words which mean nothing, but none which REALLY define nothing as something, its physically impossible.

    So to answer your question, the feeling of emptiness is blank. You would not know if you were experienceing this feeling.

    Emptiness has been used in books and films to describe many things such as a combination of many awful feelings e.g. distruaght abandoned, alone, bereft, blue, cheerless, comfortless, cynical, defenseless, depressed, deserted, despairing, desperate, despondent, destitute, destroyed, disconsolate, dragging, forgotten, forsaken, friendless, fruitless, futile, godforsaken, helpless, homeless, inconsolable, lonely, lonesome, lost, miserable, oppressed, pathetic, pessimistic, pitiable, pitiful, solitary, tragic, unhappy, weighed down.

    But these are the actual correct feelings, together, they will never weight up to emptiness, because as I said, nothing cannot weight up to a something.

    The feeling of literal emptiness is unknown to any living creature

    I hope I make sense
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    Like asking, "What is blue"?
    Meditation was a very strong factor in my 'experience' of 'emptiness'. I began my search for 'Truth' by discarding that which is not Truth. From a very early age, I sensed a yawning emptiness where others found substance. I am not my role as husband; I am not my name; I am not my gender; I am not my body; I am not my car; etc.. ad nauseum! What did I find at the 'bottom' of that exceedingly deep rabbit hole? Nothing. Nothing at all. No family; no Me; no universe; no*thing* at all. Such emptiness! (you can't imagine that quality and quantity of 'emptiness'... (though, 'nothing' is perfect, it isn't very interesting!)

    So, now, knowing the ultimate punchline of (my) 'life', that I have absolutely no substance (simply a hologramic 'thought' within Mind, a Dream, an 'egoic smudge'..) nor does anything else. No one 'else' exists but within Mind as a reflection of 'egoic Self'. I open my eyes and see you, the inside of my (mind) dream. I look in the mirror and see a Dreamer who is also a Dream, a fiction, to fade into the Wakefulness of eternal Emptiness...

    Perhaps that vast 'Nothing', no thing, is Consciousness with nothing to be conscious of? Without the opium dream of 'existence'... Consciousness must be vastly, limitlessly, perfectly 'Empty'.
    Our 'natural' state.
    And the Dream only lasts a (Planck) moment...
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    Emptiness.. hmm.. take that feeling you get when your first girlfriend you really love breaks up with you.. take that feeling you get when you just learned your parents died.. take that feel when you remember your best friend you loved with all your heart lying on her bed because she took an overdose of drugs.. and amplify it.

    Nirvana I've experienced.. that's emptiness, souless, funny i don't know what it's like to be souless so I can't define it.

    However, this human emotion factor is probably cause of some hormone or neurotransmitter.. or perhaps... some neural connections being stimulated or shut off. who knows?
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    So it appears, so far, that 'emptiness' is available in a variety of 'flavors'...
  17. Dec 6, 2005 #16
    Emieno, You asked for a "definition" of the "concept" called emptiness. Where do we find definitions--in dictionaries. Now, what dictionary to use--great question--little agreement among philosophers. I use the Webster Unabridged Dictionary. Here we find the various definitions for the concept emptiness:
    1. a state of being empty; a state containing nothing; absence of matter
    2. void space; vacuity; vacuum
    3. want of solidity or substance
    4. want of intellect or knowledge; lack of sense
    Now your thread asks, how can one "feel the emptiness". Then, what does it mean to "feel", e.g., how is this concept defined, as it may relate to emptiness. Again to Webster:
    to feel--to be aware of the condition of being, as I feel sad.
    Now, let us combine the two definitions (feel & emptiness) and we see that a "feeling of emptiness" can be defined as ---to be aware of the condition of having absence of matter. Many examples exist, consider if you have lost someone you love (absence of life), then you clearly understand what it means to be aware of absence of matter, you are aware of what it means to have a "feeling of emptiness". In short, you can never know the feeling of emptiness unless you are aware.
  18. Sep 10, 2006 #17
    how does mouse know cat is going to eat him
    i had many cats , at times the alpha cat would catch a mouse but not kill ,
    it was almost like the at diidnt kill mouse so hw would always have something to hunt and not be bored
  19. Sep 10, 2006 #18
    "Emptiness," analysis reduction, & the mouse "wants."

    Hello everyone, the cat parasite Toxoplasma gondii in the sample http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2006/08/060804085444.htm" seems to be analogous with what a mouse "wants," under a particular condition however (ecology in general). Also, I recall something intersting on the life cycle of another parasite that spreads itself through birds predating on infected catapillars.

    It was interesting to see the parasite influence on the infected catapillars, in a display that attracts the bird (does the catapillar "want" also?). Unfortunately, I do not know what the parasite was, and I observed the nature program long ago.
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