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The Mystery Within

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    The mystery is that which lies within. And yet the mystery is none other than the essence which gives rise to form. Whereas all mysteries are pretty much one and the same, in that they lead to the one true mystery, The Mystery of Life ...
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    All mysteries together form a context or continuum if you will that extends from the mystery within to the mystery of existence. Many argue their is no distinction whatsoever between any of these and the mystery within is the mystery without.
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    What is the difference between history and mystery? Besides one being factual and the other subject to interpretation? Which would be more correct? You can have the history with all the facts, but what's the point without understanding the mystery? (i.e., why it happened).

    It's the same thing when people read the Bible, they can take it in the literal sense or, if they're versed in what the symbolism means, they can take it in the spiritual sense. In which case you're likely to get two completely different--if not contradictory--meanings. Which would be more correct? The literal sense which, may be enough to send somebody to prison or, the spiritual sense, which may warrant a reprieve and a better outlook on things?

    Where's the mystery, if it's all a matter of not understanding something in context? And why should we allow this to invalidate an experience which may otherwise be real?
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    The mystery may be the context.


    Looked at but cannot be seen
    It is beneath form;
    Listened to but cannot be heard
    - It is beneath sound;
    Held but cannot be touched
    It is beneath feeling;
    These depthless things evade definition,
    And blend into a single mystery.
    In its rising there is no light,
    In its falling there is no darkness,
    A continuous thread
    Beyond description,
    Lining what cannot occur;
    Its form formless,
    Its image nothing,
    Its name silence;
    Follow it, it has no back,
    Meet it, it has no face.
    Attend the present to deal with the past;
    Thus you grasp the continuity
    Of the Way,
    Which is its essence.
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    Mystery can be likened unto the "living substance" or food. While history can be likened unto the wrapper it comes in, to be discarded once we partake of the mystery.

    Why would you settle for the box? when you can have the chocolates instead?

    Isn't that kind of what the problem is with religion? They get all caught up in the history and formality of it, while losing sight of the mystery and the essence which enlivens the soul. Whereas science steps in and takes it a step further and says, Where is the substance behind all this dead formalism? and drops the whole thing entirely deeming it unworthy to investigate.

    It's too bad science can't aquire a taste for chocolates? But, that would all be in the mind of the chocoholic now wouldn't it?
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    Science has developed a taste for chocolates. Quantum Mechanics is perhaps the best known example. They just had some bad experiences with foods in the past and are now about the pickiest and most reluctant eaters you can imagine. Getting them to try something new requires a great deal of patience and understanding not to mention trust building. Don't worry, everybody grows out that phase eventually. :0)
  8. Mar 31, 2003 #7
    Isn't this kind of what the deal is about society as well? Where we go through a tremendous expense to insure the packaging has appeal, to where we practically lose sight of the contents inside which, have either been pumped full of hormones or preservatives or, has little nutritional value. Whereas all this "fancy" packaging goes directly into the trash, and from there into the local landfill. What a waste!

    Neither does this apply only to our food but, to our whole whole market driven economy as well, where everything is set up for the "easy sale," in a continual bombardment of glamore, glitz and sales appeal. There's that ol' Madison Avenue Whore again! Yep, one never ending distraction, in a parade of materialistic enticements we thought we could never do without. Reminiscent of the original enticement way back when? (in the Garden of Eden).

    No wonder there's a great lack of introspection in our society nowadays. We're so busy caught up with our quick "material fix" that we don't have time to marvel about things such as "the moment" or, the mystery of life ...

    Whereas if we did, it might be far less painful on our pocket books and, to the environment as well.
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    that is exactly the case Iacchus32, i have lived on both sides of the fence on that issues so i can attest from experience that you are very much correct in what you said there. however there was a comment of your earlier that i do not agree with:

    while spiritual things are only witnessed though symbolism, if one needs to be versed in the meanings of such symbolism; then it is becomes more a worldly experience than spiritual one.
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    All I'm saying is unless you have some idea of what the symbolism means, you won't be able to grasp what the spiritual means (which, is highly symbolic).
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    Is there anyone else here who fails to see what "The Mystery Within" refers to?

    Iacchus, could you please explain what you mean?
  12. Mar 31, 2003 #11
    The mystery is life. Just as everything has a beginning (cause), it also has an ending (effect). And yet when you look at the effect, without any understanding of the cause, it's hard to imagine how it all came about? Indeed this is the mystery which, can be applied towards anything.

    So what does it mean? Just as there is an exterior "objective sense" to things, what we would apply to "form" (truth), there's also an interior "subjective sense," which we would apply to "essence" (i.e., wisdom, which gives rise to truth). So in this respect it's makes sense that "the subjective" (essence) be contained within and "subject to" the form? And so it is the understanding of the mystery (any mystery) can be assessed through the understanding of its interior wisdom or nature (from within).

    Whereas if you were to look around, at everything you can experience through the five senses, it would apply towards the "exterior form," as it can be observed or measured somehow "objectively." So in this respect it's easy enough to acknowledge the truth (form) and put a label on it.

    But what of the hidden mystery that lies beyond the forms? What are the inner-dynamics behind this incredible facade we call "objective reality?" Do we really understand what's going on underneath? For instance let's say we take two objects, one that is inanimate, like a rock, and the other which is alive, like a human being? Now the rock will pretty much remain a rock indefinitely, and still retain the energy field that defines it as a rock. But with a human being it's a different story. Granted that when we die we leave behind a corpse, and the corpse will retain the energy field of a dead corpse.

    But that's just it, where does all this "conscious energy" which, defines our very existence, go? And I don't mean sometime later, but almost immediately after death? There's obviously some sort of energy pattern or field there when we're alive, but where does it go when we die? Does it just dissipate into the atmosphere? Or, as I'm inclined to believe, does it retain its pattern and return to say, the "collective unconscious?" I can hardly imagine this "living entity," which consolidates itself in a living form (my body), would just dissipate at death. There's just too much consistency about it to suggest otherwise. Or else why would it cling so steadfastly, and coherently, to my body in the first place? Except perhaps for one exception, where do we go when we dream? Now that's a strong indication right there!

    I would like to speak more about this here, but I'm a bit limited by time and will have to leave it at this for now ... Thanks!
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    I thought you were talking about the mystery, but now you are talking about consciousness and life after death. Which is it?
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    Another God

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    I was lost half way through the first post.
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    That's easy to understand, its a slippery one, but really well written. It expresses a very Asian view.

    Note the word "essence" is pretty much as mysterious as "mystery". All mysteries, of course, are mysteries so they are pretty much one and the same and all originate with the mystery of life. If for no other reason that if we didn't exist it wouldn't be a mystery.

    As Chuang Tzu said, "Once I dreamed I was a butterfly, or am I really a butterfly dreaming I am a man?" Just as existence is a profound mystery, so too is awareness.

    Hence there are several basic interpretations of these mysteries possible. Some say everything is in reality consciousness or awareness (consensual reality as s/he called it). Others say everything is Oneness. Others say change is the only constant and consciousness becomes unconsciousness, etc. While still others say infinity resolves the mystery.

    Any and all of these can be mixed and matched according to taste and, if you want, you can say the result is ultimately ineffable. That is, it cannot be expressed.
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    Both. I tried to begin by introducing the nature of mystery itself, in order to suggest a means by which to understand it, and hence the means by which to resolve it (i.e., based upon my own insights). And, since all mysteries are basically one and the same, in that "hidden elements" exist beyond "the facade," I was hoping to touch on both the mystery of life and, the mystery of death, which are basically "paradoxical elements" of the same mystery. This is the "big mystery" as far as I'm concerned. And yet, if people want to talk about mystery in general, that's okay too.

    I also felt a bit pressed for time and was unable to take it a step further, i.e., the mystery behind the physical creation of the universe (hence the facade) and the "spriritual essence" behind it. But first I thought I should "try" alluding to the essence within us which is our soul.

    And wuliheron thanks for the explanation!
  17. Apr 2, 2003 #16
    From the thread, "What is it about the moment?"

    This is just something to reflect on for now ... it has to do with the nature of the meditation referred to in the thread, "The Advent of Color" (God & Religion section) which, involves "focusing on the moment." It also explains the nature of my new Avatar, which is derived from the meditation. Am still debating on whether or not I should try to begin discussing it there? ... And yes, this would be considered part of The Mystery Within.
  18. Apr 4, 2003 #17
    The truth of God is without, the whole material universe. The Essence of God is within. Whereas the truth is discerned, and the essence is to be experienced. So why do we go to such great lengths to uncover the truth, when we don't partake of the experience which gives birth to it? We seek the truth in "its effect," but we don't seek the Life which leads to it?

    The Mystery of Life, is also the mystery of conception and birth.

    And here I would mention (as below) that I died and gave birth to myself, only to be rent to pieces shortly thereafter--which, happened on this very day 16 years ago--only to be reconstituted and give rise to a "New Universe" so to speak ~ http://www.dionysus.org/x0501.html
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  19. Apr 4, 2003 #18
    Iacchus32, what do you mean by "the truth of God is without, the whole material universe"?

    Also, is this the right place to be posting about God?
  20. Apr 4, 2003 #19
    The whole material world is evidence (the truth), of the mystery that lay within ..." I don't know, does that make sense? The mystery is the beginning (essence), which gives rise to the physical effect, what we otherwise call the truth (or form).

    And just as we all have a body, which manifests itself externally (and notice the external layers of our skin are considered "dead"), there's also a living entity or soul within, which dictates to the body what to do.

    So why can't we address the Universe in the same fashion? In terms of that which manifests itself outwardly, in the physical sense, and that which exists inwardly as a soul? (consisting of motive, reason, etc.). In other words does the Universe have a soul? If so, then would that be God?
  21. Apr 4, 2003 #20
    Ah, but you are assuming that we all have living souls within us. This is not the Bible's opinion, and is not a very respected idea within the scientific community.
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