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The Natalee Holloway case

  1. Feb 4, 2008 #1
    During the chat I brought up the Natalee Holloway disappearance, but real conversations are hard indeed.

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080204/ap_on_re_la_am_ca/aruba_missing_teen;_ylt=AgEX7dF5fDHEMjjyYO1Mk0us0NUE [Broken]

    The TV show was watched by 7 million out of some 16 million Dutch. He probably did not kill her intentionally, but why didn't this person call medical emergency assistance? Why dump her in the sea and why so coolblooded faking all kind of coverups during the action?

    The guy was blowing weed just about all the time when on the hidden camera. Perhaps that drugs was also a major factor, which he had to cover up? Party drugs?
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    He said he bought her a shot of 151 after she was already wasted. I've done a few shots of 151 in my life and while I never went into convulsions I have passed out so hard I probably looked like I was dead. Especially if viewed at 3 in the morning on a dark beach. I think she was dumped while still alive.
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    Drugs or no drugs, the guy is just a idiot. I believe his confession to be true. I don't for a second, think he made it up, because thats what someone wanted to hear.

    Seizures, convulsions, or rigid spasms are a sign of acute alcohol poisoning.
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    Sometimes the media can talk about something horrible until you just don't care.
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    It was shocking to see how extreme egocentric and selfish people can be for whom it's worth to sacrifice another humans life just to prevent trouble. Too sad for words.
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