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The nature of light

  1. Mar 12, 2008 #1
    two closely spaced slits are cut into a piece of cardboard. A green light is used to illuminate the slits. a) what would be observed on a screen placed L, meters behind the cardboard? does the observation you described in a) support the wave theory or the particle theory of light? justify your answer. b) the green light is then replaced with a red light. use the equation delta x=lambdaL/d to explain how the image on the screen would differ.
    I don;t understand what question is asking . for a i think i would observe a bright light on the screen. for part b....why would the observation change if the color of light is changed?
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    Your textbook must have a drawing or a photograph that shows the pattern that will appear on the screen. Look in the index of the book for such terms as "diffraction" or "Young's experiment" or "double slit experiment". If you can find the picture, see if your choice of words, "a bright light on the screen", are really the best way to describe how it looks.

    Also, the text nearby that picture will probably show a derivation of the expression lambda L / d. Some assumptions that were necessary before doing that derivation are probably listed by the author.
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