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The nature of light

  1. Apr 20, 2014 #1
    What is the origin of light the color in the following objects and does the color of these objects involves absorption, reflection, and/or transmission of light:
    a beam of blue light
    a white sheet of paper
    a red shirt
    a black shoe
    a transparent yellow solution

    My guesses in order:
    not sure
    reflects light of all wavelengths that compose visible light so that the result is white
    reflects light of the appropriate wavelength ~700nm
    not sure
    i'm pretty sure some absorption is going on here since such solutions can be used with colorimetry analysis
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    Simon Bridge

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    ... this does not make sense.
    Is this how the problem statement was written down?

    But I think I understand what it is trying to say.
    There are two parts: what is the origin of the color, and what process is involved.

    It is best not to guess - try to reason it out:
    1. How does light get it's color?
    2. How do objects get their colors?
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