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News The neocons' next war

  1. Aug 3, 2006 #1
    Is this the beginning of the next war?

    I had mentioned in another thread that I feared escalation of the conflict in the ME in time to save the Republican majority in the mid-terms. Seems the NSA, at the behest of the neocon cabal is trying to set the stage for Israel to expand from Lebanon to Syria and perhaps Iran.


    I have been waiting for something to happen to raise the fear level in the American electorate. I know I am paranoid but I can't help but believe that Bushco will go to any lengths to maintain power. I sure hope I'm wrong.

    Anyone see a better scenario than this one?

    Will Israel just withdraw from Lebanon when they have satisfied themselves that Hezbollah is finished?

    Or will they use whatever intelligence the NSA is supplying them with, and we all know how that intelligence is generated, (see 2003 Iraq WMD spin) to expand the campaign into Syria?

    Looking forward to reading your thoughts.
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    Many people must give thanks in the US that Bush can only serve two terms? When he first got in, I was worried, a warmonger and a decidedly hard line backed one at that, oh I admit it I was more than worried I was fearful, when he got in a second time I rolled my eyes, seriously not the internet rolleyes:rolleyes: but a real roll eyes, I could never see GWB as a good presidential candidate, although as many pointed out he was the lesser of two evils(who knows though) That said though and aside from this being a Bush bash that you never see on this site:wink: I do think that your conspiracy theory is a little thread bare, although I've seen some great ones about widespread vote rigging in the second term election, which were in the Rolling Stone Magazine, honestly I was convinced, but sadly no republicans were :biggrin: , now that magazine's not liberally biased right :smile:
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    My thoughts are that you're fearmongering again. Yes, friendly countries share intelligence, is that news to you?
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