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The new ending

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    the new ending!!

    i write a summery of my idea , please suggest on it.

    i think the universe is attracting to a hole , sth like a blackhole or a super blackhole. the blue shifted and redshifted galaxies can affirm it.i can justify why some galaxies are blueshifted and why some of them are redshifted. this hole in my theory , is not in the center of a sphere(it means that the universe is not like a sphere) , it is in the tip of a cone.the world will attract to it compeletly and it will be another bigbang after it...
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    at what level are we talking about? is this your topic for your PHD-thesis?
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    no its not. i'm a high school student. but i have read so many books. say every thing you want about this subject. thx
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    well the hole you put in does not account for the expansion of the universe. universe is expanding as the surface of a ballon being filled with air (but in 3D). The space itself is exapanding.

    What books have you read?
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    well,i read: universe in nutshell , a breif history of time, special relativity, bigbang,and a book from mikio kako (i am not sure about the spelling)
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    you know,i have a new theory for the universe , i mean i do not believe that universe is like a ballon a think its like a cone!
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    okay but those are not academic textbooks.. I assume? There is many books called "bigbang" "special relativity" etc

    It is a difference betweem reading popular science books, and studying a course. And before proposing a new theory, we need knowledge about the current paradigm and "rules" of physics. And is your theory testable? Can it predict outcomes of new observations without beeing too adhoc?

    If I were you (Iam not mean) I would start study real astrophysics and cosmology at colleage after high school. If you dare =)

    I still not know why you propose your theory? We have big bang model (it got nobel prize last year), what anomalies in the current paradigm can your "super hole" model account for? Is your hole an object in our universe or is it lying outside?
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    My point is that space it self expand, your hole theory does not account for that.

    Sorry but your theory is just mere science fiction..

    now I must do my studies.
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    I agree. Unless you were to obtain a good reason for another force expanding the universe, your theory holds no water. How could the universe expand while being
    "sucked up" at the same time. Look into the theory of repeating big bangs. I don't know too much about that, but it sounds quite a bit like what you are suggesting.
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    i am sure about the big bang theory. and i didnt say that its wrong. i think after big bang universe expanded.but i think it wont expand anymore(we think that it is expanding).it will be sucked in a hole.we all know the law that says all the matter in the world is always fixed.so when all the galaxies and every thing in universe being sucked in that hole , density of that hole will be so high like what the universe had as the first big bang.in black hole time does not exist ,so in that super hole we dont have time, and when every thing sucked in that hole it means that no time exist any more and it is compeletly like the first bigbang.
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    Please review the PF Guidelines before proceeding any further. Pay particular attention to speculative, unverified personal theory that is NOT allowed on here. This thread has changed from you asking for an opinion, to you presenting your own pet theory. Thus, this thread is done.

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