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The New Guy

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    Hello everyone! My name is Ben and I just stumbled across this site will looking up some science related things. I'm fairly young, trying to get through my first year of college. I ended up having to drop out of the first college I went to due to a bad GPA situation with a bad professor. (Rough day) but now I'm making my way through online classes at a community college to avoid debt. I have a deep love and interest for science. I was out of high school for most of my junior year due to treatment for my blood disease, so I was not able to get much out of high school, thanks to my illness. But on my own time, I read many physics books, did many projects with energy and physics on my own time, and watched about every space, and science documentary netflix had. Since I missed out on the prerequisites to study such subjects at a high end college, I have to teach myself now. I guess that's what I get for being the son of a rocket scientist! So here I am!
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    Welcome to PF Ben. Good luck with your future endeavours.
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