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The New Kid

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    Hey, folks.
    My name is _______, but you can just call me Caveman. I'm a junior in high school who's pretty much decided to go into physics in college (Though I'm not one to toot my own horn, I think I very well might have the highest grade in my physics class)- specifically, at this juncture, particle physics, but that's quite subject to change. I joined this primarily to get some guidance on what I should do in these obviously crucial years to have a chance at being successful (seeing as particle physics seems to be a field where you're either very successful or… not… but again I'm not sure even about that, but that's a question for another post), but… I'm noticing now that there's lots of discussion about actual physics stuff here so… coool, I could learn to like it here :biggrin:

    Also, and I hope you all don't shut me out as soon as I say this - that's not conducive to the sharing of knowledge, and what is science but that (it's in the name- from Latin scire, 'to know')? - because it doesn't conflict at all with my openness to ideas (in fact, I believe it makes me all the more open and accepting): I am a practicing Catholic (and that's important enough to me for me to openly admit that on a scientific forum ;) - but I won't thrust that anywhere it's not welcome, in following with the rules of this forum. That's not how we're supposed to do things - Christians, or just people in general. :approve: )

    So, that's me! I'm really hyped about this now, there seems to be discussion about everything on here. Can't wait to learn.
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    Welcome to PF!

    Take some time to read the forum rules and remember we focus on answering mainstream science questions. We don't dwell on personal theories or speculative science.
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