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The new look of CNN website

  1. Jan 9, 2015 #1
    It sucks. It looks cheap and overly sensational on the news. You need to scroll down to read any text.
    I permanently moved to nytimes.
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    I noticed this too. I don't like it. It's hard to scan and find the top several stories. I'm pretty much moving to Google News now.
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    I don't like it either. Very unprofessional.
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    This is stupid (and UGLY) but in keeping with the "new" CNN TV which has moved back to the "old" CNN tactic of wall-to-wall cover of something (air crash, whatever) such that the TV show has become utterly useless, spending its time on a single topic to the almost entire exclusion of everything else. This new web site is designed, similarly, to have one HUGE banner headline focusing on their story of the moment. They do these things for ratings but I think they've seriously goofed on the web site.
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    Not a fan either. USA Today did something similar a year or so ago. We live in a picture-book society. Guess it's all FoxNews for me now!
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    I totally agree with all of you.
    The current design looks almost similar to a local e-commerce web site for electrical and electronic devices in my area and true! the color settings are not good!, which makes the whole main page somewhat dull. I would like the News and Buzz or headlines to be on top next to breaking video news which should be made smaller and bounced larger when the user wants to watch the video.
    Top down listing is not really good in news spreading.
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    A lot of news sources are cheap and overly sensational. I doubt that CNN did this on a whim, they do market studies and hire consultants before they screw up and bite the hand that feeds them. :D My local online news source is a total disaster. I have to fight pop ups and advertising ad nauseam to get to the news.

    They put trivial garbage at the top so that people have to scroll down through endless advertising to get to the important news events.
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    Doug Huffman

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    I could have sworn that I had already commented here at length. Use blocking/filtering add-ons creatively.
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    Going elsewhere for news I can read which is presented in a logical fashion - - not the schizophrenic display now utilized by CNN.com. UGH!
  11. Jan 26, 2015 #10
    I don't care for the new layout at all. Most embedded videos are blocked at my office and it seems that posting stories that one can read is becoming a thing of the past....
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    I just use RSS feeds to get a text listing of the top stories. I have a folder set up on my browser (FireFox) that lists the RSS feeds for several news sites. It's as easy as selecting a menu item. Select the news site, select the story, click on it and you're there.
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    Sad, that rule sux!
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    Russ, I sure hope you were joking about Fox News -- I cannot think of a single supposed "news" source that is likely to lead someone to become less informed about the world.

    On the topic of CNN, I do agree that I'm not a fan of the CNN website, but then again, this is really just a reflection of the sensational nature of the supposed news coverage of CNN. I personally don't rely on any single news source, but look at a combination of the following news websites:

    BBC World News (www.bbc.com/news)

    The Economist (www.economist.com) -- you have access to 1 free article per view, 2 more if you register for the service for free, although I can get around this limit by repeatedly closing my browser and deleting my cookies and clearing my cache

    Al Jazeera English (www.aljazeera.com) -- in spite of some past criticism, Al Jazeera English has emerged to become one of the best online news source for international news that exist out there.

    CBC News (www.cbc.ca/news) -- since I'm from Canada, I often look at here for Canadian news, but it has a decent section on American and international news as well.

    PBS Newshour (www.pbs.com/newshour)
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