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The newest crap on the WB

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    Yah if you don't know, the WB is like, a crappy version of FOX. Their latest idea seems to uhh.... have a little problem with it.

    Scenario: One girl is rich (family is worth $1billion), one girl is poor (huge debt, living paycheck to paycheck). The two women will compete for $200,000.

    Anyone see the problem here?
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    Yeah, your watching the WB, thats the problem.
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    it'd be cooler if they had to live together for a while, and then had to try to win a guys affection and if they win its worth a jillion dollars and if they lose they get voted off and thrown into a volcano...
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    Have you seen Joe vs The Volcano lately?
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    wow... are you kidding me? someone stole my idea?!?!?!?
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    arg, the WB SUCKS! What did they ever have worth watching, MOISHA?
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    MOESHA actually! and yeah, the best part of the WB is that cute little frog... oh and 7th heaven, now there's quality programming. mmm.
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    ................*walks backwards slowly away from this thread, turns around and runs*
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    If anyone asks, i don't know you.....
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    wow... what did i say?!??! everyone is scared of me now, i'm gonna cry! no wonder no one will call and tell me bed time stories!!!
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    No I was just wondering if you have seen that movie. I think you'd like it. It's a Tom Hanks movie.
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    Hey wait for me! Dont leave me here!!!
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