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The next "Einstein"?

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    This Millennial Might Be the New Einstein

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    Definitely the first Pasterski.
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    I'm thinking she might be Mileva Maric reincarnated. Back for vengeance!

    From: http://news.yahoo.com/millennial-might-einstein-080000030.html?nf=1

    "She says she has a handful of close friends but has never had a boyfriend, an alcoholic drink or a cigarette."

    See, this is where I think I went wrong. In 1982 I was 14 years old and on the fast track to becoming the next computer whiz. But then I had an alcoholic drink, a cigarette, and found a girlfriend :confused:
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    They should have let her remain anonymous. Now she's under pressure to do something huge.
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    People, and the media, seem to forget that there have numerous proclamation of "the next Einstein" through the years. Yet, all of them haven't amounted to being the "next Einstein", as if we know what that means or if that is even possible anymore.

    Not only is this another "cry wolf" all over again, it puts unreasonable pressure and expectation onto this poor kid!

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    I definitely agree to ZapperZ. Of course we can't tell in advance if she is the next Einstein or not, but there are boundary constraints for this, that cannot easily be crossed...
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    I agree with ZapperZ on this. I would also add that there is false myth floating out there of the "lone genius" who revolutionizes science through his/her sole contributions, and Einstein is often held up as an example, and I'm concerned that the news link above is feeding into that very myth. In reality, Einstein was very much actively engaged with the leading scientists of the time when developing his theories, and often made frequent use of the latest developments of mathematics (in particular works on topology and differential geometry from Poincare) in formulating his theory of relativity.

    This further illustrates that science is a collective endeavour, consisting of the contributions of many scientific practitioners over a long period of time, and it's not certain what Pasterski's particular contributions will be. I do wish her all the best in whatever field of research she ultimately chooses to pursue.
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    I always dislike seeing articles or other sources proclaiming someone is the next Einstein/Hawking/etc or comparing them to see who is smarter.

    We should celebrate the contributions made by intelligent people, small or large, not get involved in a circle jerk trying to find out who is the smartest of all.
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    How much money did they give Einstein when he was 22? Just his pay for the crappy job he had at the patent office I think.

    No prestigious teaching posts. No endowments for brilliance. Just a bureaucrat's job he got from a rich classmate.

    It turns out even Einstein was no Einstein, at least in the beginning. Yet he turned out acceptable work later.

    Hopefully Pasterski does as well -- or at least finds a boyfriend. :oldlove:
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    Isn't she Cuban? So if you decide one day to deport her, send her east to Europe.
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    While I agree that a direct comparison with Einstein is not the best tack for such an article, I think articles that highlight up-and-coming potential stars in science are important. We should take pride in and celebrate the achievements of our fellow scientists.

    Otherwise all that you'll read about in the mass media are up and coming celebrities or sports stars. I think there needs to be more news about the achievements of PhD students than which celebrity has twerked which other celebrity recently.
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    If scientists we more open about their sex lives, perhaps the media would pay more attention.

    The media is attracted to drama and conflict. Perhaps if we formed scientific teams and went at it with slide rules?

    Or perhaps media attention is a bad thing?
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    IMO media attention is just a bad thing. No matter what you do, unless you shut them up completely they'll always dramatize some story, no matter how dull, banal the story itself actually is. That's how they make their money.

    OT, this girl sounds awesome! I wish her much success in the future.
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    Are you boys talking about me again...?

  17. Jan 21, 2016 #16
    Oh my goodness. -gets down on one knee and presents a ring-
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    A Mobius wedding ring, nice touch...:wink:
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    The only long term relationship I have been in was started by me writing out an equation explaining to her as to why I was the best choice. :cool:
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