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The noise in the universe.

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    Does the cosmic electromagnetic emitters, if viewed in the function of electromagnetic intensity and in the particular wave length, follow the gaussian characteristics or is the noise uniformly distributed over all wavelengths? I.e. is there "tranquility" in intensity (or least amount of noise) in particular area of electromagnetic radiation in the universe?

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    I actually wonder the same thing!

    What i also don't understand is how the instruments in space can "convert" the electromagnetic vibrations from the object into sound ?
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    its a blackbody spectrum at about 3 degrees kelvin.
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    Hi guys,

    Well the reason I asked is that I was wondering one day if the SETI-project is concentrating these low noise areas (if there are any of course). I mean If was to get a message heard I would rather do it in the most noise-free place I could find...
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