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The Not So Ultimate Theory of Black Holes that are caused by BEC

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    Ok here's a wild theory of almost Hitchiker's guide to the galaxy proportions, Black Holes don't let matter go only energy, maybe that's obvious, that is anything that goes in to this area stays for keeps or until the next BBB anyway and so the radiation comming from one is some form of energy, Hawkins radiation I think it's called, but what it means is that once a black hole is formed it doesn't matter how small or large it is initially it keeps on growing and it could start off as the size of a baseball and grow and grow to the point at which we can see them better in the Universe. So my wild hunch is that if a Bose Condensate can slow the speed of light to near 30mph by this process of "enormous refractive index increase or like compressing millions of miles of air into a tiny spot of gas" and that ability is related to the process of cooling things down to near absolute zero at which things move slower and slower, then my hunch is once a bit of matter reaches absolute zero it will stop moving and once that happens it will start this process of sucking in all other matter because all the forces would become absolute in intensity not 50/50 in attraction and repulsion like gravity or even 99/1 like the atomic forces but 100% solid force in all directions which isn't supposed to happen but then what if some black holes were caused by some curious scientist from other budding civilization experimenting with trying to get things to absolute zero termperatures...It kind of makes sense I mean even an ice cube in space should melt if it continues to collect matter at a tremendous rate and eat light due to it's virtual absolute lack of heat...One thing is for sure, If I'm right then there won't be anything to worry about.
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    10 out of 10 for imagination

    6 out of 10 for theory interpretation.

    2 out of 10 for plauseability

    total score 18 out of 30

    The best so far
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