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The (not very) Short List.

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    Thanks again for the comments on my previous post. I've done some work narrowing the field of math schools. Note that since my previous post I've made a decision to weight schools in the south a bit more heavily than those in the north. Here is a list, along with my comments.

    AMS Group I:
    • U(TX), Austin: Very large, well regarded. Generous stipends.
    • U(MD), College park: Seems to be stocked with various kinds of analysts. They do have a leading symbolic dynamics guy, though. High cost of living?
    • Twin Cities: Missed their deadline. They looked nice, though. Hard to get in?
    • U(WI), Madison: Strengths in algebra and combinatorics. Low Faculty/student.
    • U(CA), San Diego: Looks nice.
    • Purdue: An engineering school, I'm not sure I'd fit the culture.
    • Georgia Tech: Has one of the only combinatorics programs in the US, but with a very applied bent. See Purdue. Good stipends, but I'm not sure what the cost of living is.
    • U(GA): Strong in representation theory, nice to students.
    Group II:
    • Arizona: Friendly appearance, didn't tweak my academic curiousity.
    • Florida: I don't have a note written for this one. IIRC, has an unusual strength in discrete geometry.
    • TAMU: Very large. My notes claim a strength in algebra, but the largest group of degrees was in applied math.
    • Kentucky: Friendly web site, nice location. PhDs.org gave it a decent ranking (for my weighting), for some reason. Don't know much else.

    Any comments are appreciated. I hope that some version of this list may be a help to others in a similar situation.
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    What is this list for?
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    It's a list of places I'm considering for graduate school (math PhD). I've previously discussed my situation http://https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=271391" [Broken].

    On consideration, I probably should have posted in that thread. Mods, please feel free to move this there.

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