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Homework Help: The Nucleus

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    Can you tell me the answer to this question?
    Why would the scientific community resist the concept of a nucleus full of positive charges and what observations helped them explain this design.

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    While considering the effect of a very powerful magnet, try to think of what would happen if you stuck the positive ends of a bunch of magnets together. Try to keep them there.

    As for the second aspect, look to Rutherford and his experimentation with [itex]\alpha[/itex]-particle (alpha particle) bombardment.
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    two like charges repel, therefore a positive nucleus seemed impossible (especially seeing as this repeling force is more than a billion million times stronger than gravity)!

    Something called the strong nuclear force was discovered that helped to explain this force. The strong force holds the nucleus together and acts over and extremely short distance. The force has so much energy that Relativity shows that the mass of the nucleus most decrease to account for all of this energy. This also lays the foundation for nuclear energy.
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