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The Onion asks me to pay

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    This is the first time I know a digital news site asks readers to subscribe before reading more articles in the US. It happens while I am reading only 1 article and a popup displays to ask me so saying that I have to subscribe because I have read up all free articles. I am confused.

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    There are plenty of news sources (in the US at least) that use a fee for service model. Some of them used to be free.
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    Yes, good old days! :approve::biggrin:
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    What? The authors of The Onion want to be paid so they can feed their families? The nerve!
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    See the attachment.:redface:
    The management team seems to know pretty well about our monthly low incomes :biggrin:

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    The Onion is worth it. Great publication!
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    I hope you are aware that the news articles aren't real, they are satire, entertainment. :smile: But they usually do have excellent commentary.
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