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The Onion

  1. Mar 11, 2004 #1
    Some funnies from www.theonion.com

    If anyone can find the old story about Australia moving to North America, please let me know. Thanks.
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    That's really wierd about that race of skeleton people they found.

    One of the scientists is speculating that they may be part of the human evolutionary line, and that we may, in fact, all be part skeleton. I wish they wouldn't say creepy things like that

    They aren't sure why they died out. I don't understand why they didn't test all the local soil for the obvious, that all the local sources of calcium had been completely depleted.
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    I remember a few years ago there was some lobby group trying to force the government to ban the immigration of leprechauns. But, you know, they have all that gold, and that's what the politicians listen to, so the ban never really got going.
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    Courting rituals among the skeleton people were very crude: a guy just went up to any girl he liked and said, "Say, can I jump your bones?"
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    I read another article somewhere about those skeleton guys. It seems they didn't have any big social events like dances and such. Evidence suggests they tried to get into such things, but none of them had any body to go with.
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    Oh, and if you're wondering why they died out, it's basically because they were complete cowards. None of them had any guts at all.
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    Don't neglect reading The Onion's look back at past issues either. I think this week looks back at the breaking story of petting causing communism.

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