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The only riddle worth solving

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    How can you figure out that you have not been programmed to be a Manchurian Candidate?
    How can you figure out that you have been hypnotized to be what you are?
    How can you figure out that you are not just some code in a computer, like in the movie The Matrix?
    How can you figure out that you are not programmed to be a Manchurian Candidate inside a computer that is perhaps, in turn, inside another computer./dream?

    If you can figure out this riddle you will Realize that you are inside MY dream which makes YOU and ME one and the same Dreamer. And the details of the dream are irrelevant because in a dream the Dreamer is EVERYTHING; and compared to the Dreamer that is EVERYTHING, the dream is nothing, and so the dream’s details also have to be the same nothing.

    -- just thoughts
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    You can never have absolute certainty that you have self control, so you have to assume that you do. It's the only way to live.
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    It is well established that we cannot know the answers to these questions by reasoning. But this is not a riddle if, as you suggest, solipsism is unfalsifiable because it isn't completely false.
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    5000 years ago the study of thoughts gave us non-duality: I AM and ALL IS the Dreamer and everything else is the nothings called thoughts. The DREAMER is ALL and there is no other.
    Physics, 5000 years later, gives us the exact same story: non-duality, the Unified Field.

    The study-of-thoughts gives us the obvious: You cannot know anything because "knowing" is a thought, the mind; and you cannot even think because thinking is also just a thought, the mind.

    -- just thoughts
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    The JOKE is that in Reality -- Physics' Unified Field -- there is no "you" and there is no "control" both are just noise, thoughts, the mind.

    As so, according to the Silence of this Unified Field: Reality is Silence and the universe is its noise.
    -- just thoughts
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    This is not philosophy, this is incoherence.
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