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The optimum molecule

  1. May 24, 2005 #1
    Is Carbon 60 :http://www.popmath.org.uk/sculpture/pages/jmv/example2.html

    the optimum volume for area of 3-D space?

    There are a vast number of geometric configurations of Uniform Polyhedra:

    But in Natural Selective, or Smolin's Cosmic Natural Selection to be precise, is there no choice?

    Can we create a more optimum molecule?...is there a molecule that could exist in 2-Dimensional space!
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    1. Optimum is either a minimum or a maximum. Which do you mean, and why is this important ? Either way, the C-60 shape is not an optimal polyhedron.

    2. An infinitely long, linear chain (open loop "n-infinitene" or closed "cylcoinfinitene") molecule will be "more optimal" in 2D.
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    I guess my wording of 'optimum' is totally incorrect :blushing: ..and it is Optimal that I was meant to have written :eek:

    Thanks for the subtle hint, and I will be adding at a later date.
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