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The Origin Of Plancks Constant

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    The Origin Of Plancks Constant...................

    Dear Friends,

    What is the origin of plancks constant ?

    What actually is it ?


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    An answer

    The unrationalized Planck constant (h,not h-bar) appears for the first time in the famous lecture delivered before the Physikalische Gesellschaft by Max Planck on December 14,1900 (the lecture was afterwards printed in "Verhandlungen der Deutschen physikalischen Gesellschaft" 2,p.237 under the title "Zur Theorie des Gesetzes der Energieverteilung im Normalspektrum").It appears as the constant of proportionality between the energy of the quanta of radiation emmited/absorbed and the radiation's frequency.To quote Planck:[tex] \epsilon = h\nu [/tex].

    Hopefully your question has been answered in a concluding manner.
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