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News The Other Same Old Party

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    The problem with the Republican politicians is that they do little (and screw up that which they do) and cost taxpayers a lot of money.

    The probem with the Democratic politicians is that they want to be like the Republican politicians.


    Democrats Seem Ready to Extend Wiretap Powers
    Well, maybe not soft - just spineless.

    We need a third alternative to R & D.
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    my god.. impeachment should belong to the people to be used against any member of the government that so egregiously strays from what they are being elected to do.:mad:
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    In the end both parties are very flawed, so the tiring, disappointing "politics" will continue no matter who gets elected, because there is no "super" candidate.
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    Such alternatives already exist, along with people who vote for them.
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    Well, we do have some independents.

    How about a viable third party? One that can win a national election or even a state election.
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    So what should we do? Declare some unpopular party the winner? If you want a party to be viable, you have to vote for it, there is no other way.
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    Soooo! When are you going to through your hat into the ring? :biggrin:

    How about a PF party/candidate?

    I want to start a barefoot party. :cool:
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    hah. yeah, jimmy has a good point here. parties that are within reach of a national election don't just pop up out of nowhere, they need people to vote for them. you cant say "i would so vote for the green party just to teach those other guys a lesson... but green doesn't have much support so im not going to voting for them"

    i've heard this all the time too. it sounds like voters in the USA are somehow demoralized about voting to the point where they don't want to protest inadequate government by voting for someone else
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    No, we do vote for someone else. The libertarian party is the largest of the so-called third-parties. They always get exactly the same number of votes as there are people willing to vote for them, no more, no less. Ron Paul ran for President as the Libertarian candidate and is running as a Republican now. But you get the same man if you vote for him now. I hesitate to post his web site, but I am looking at it now. You have to be an aggressive surfer if you want to know his party affiliation. Here is what it says on the main page:

    You must be registered with the correct party to vote for Ron Paul in closed primaries

    No mention of which party is correct. Just how much of a Republican do you get when you vote for this guy anyway huh? Maybe that will be his campaign slogan "Vote for me, I'm not really a Republican"
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