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The Passion of the Hellboy

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    Ivan Seeking

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    It just struck me as funny that these were the two top movies in the US over Easter.

    1). The Passion
    2). Hellboy

    Should we look for some kind of deep meaning here? Are we seeing the classic battle between good and evil; where good brought in 17 million and evil brought in 10 million? Looks like good beats evil by 7 million. :biggrin:

    And how about that Passion? What a phenomenon. Should we expect conspriracy theories and secret video tapes of midnight meetings between Mel Gibson and the Pope?
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    I just discovered this site www.googlefight.com

    Here are the results.

    The Passion of the Christ (5 010 000 results) versus Hellboy (1 840 000 results)

    The winner is: The Passion of the Christ
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    jimmy p

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    the question is "which one is the better film?" Saving Private Ryan (i know that wasnt of the options but who cares :) )
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    As far as I know, hellboy was the spawn of satan and cut off his horns (hence the two stumps on his head) to reject satan/evil.

    So it's more like the spawn of god getting beaten vs. the spawn of satan beating others/getting beaten.
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    I was going to make a Hellboy thread. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed Hellboy, and watching the most badass badguy on the planet: Kroenen. I'm very impress with his unique fighting skills. He's graceful like a dancer but deadly at the same time. My only complaint is they should've made the final battle scene with Hellboy much, much longer.
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