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The past is slowing becoming popular!

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    I heard a recent slot on the radio discussing why people are moving to the country(UK). The anwser is something that i have argued time and time again, that todays world has no life. Everything is done for us. People living in cities are saying that they feel as though something is missing. They want to grow their own food, and live without electricity. Does anybody agree that the wild life is the right life!?
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    Hm. Are you sure that these people moving in the country are going to live without electricity and grow their own food? From what I've heard and seen, the migration from the cities tends to be made up of successful couples in the 35-50 bracket looking to settle down and capitalise on the fact that their moderately sized flat in London can be sold for enough money to buy a big house with picturesque scenery in the countryside.

    Also, it's worth asking why, if people are indeed moving to the countryside in ever greater numbers, country villages and communities are dying on their feet, shrinking at an alarming rate as well as having all their local services such as post offices withdrawn.

    I'd say it's more a symptom of the attitudes in the UK towards where you live. Living in a flat or apartment has never had the same cachet or as desirable in the UK as it has in, say, urbanised areas of France. For the British public the aim seems to be, as it has been since the industrial revolution, by and large to own your own house, with flats and apartments being seen primarily as a temporary situation whilst you're building your nest egg. If more people are moving into the countryside, I'd suggest it was because of this attitude combined with the rapid continuous growth of Britain's urban areas since the 50's. More people are leaving to go to the countryside because they were part of a massive population influx into the cities through birth or migration in the 70's and 80's.

    That's not to say that the countryside doesn't rock, but I love the city as well (although I am fortunate to live in what is officially the greenest and friendliest city in the country ). Whilst I'm still young I'll stick to the city, but I don't think anyone is mad enough to want to be stuck in the middle of London when they're in their 60's!
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