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The Pauli exclusion principle catastrophe.

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    The "Pauli exclusion principle" catastrophe.

    :!!) Recent works with MOTTS have proved the inability of Pauli's work to account for experimental results on the field of high-temp superconductors.

    Could anyone add his or her own opinion about this?

    By the way, have any of you guys received any info about some crazy guy posting threads against quantum mechanics and its abilities to describe our reality?

    A friend of mine received the following URL connection where those infames and totally crazy articles were posted:

    <link removed>

    That guy used the pseudo-name of "humanbydefault"... I think that he is dangerous and should be imprisoned for life.
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    Could you provide a source for these experimental results please?
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    What is a "MOTTS" ?

    Are you talking about Mott Insulators ?

    Please provide complete references.

    Also note that we do not permit links to crackpot sites.
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    Hans de Vries

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    Was there anything about upcoming articles on this? This would be a grand discovery but there has been nothing about it at nature's or science's news.
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    I think you have some MAJOR misunderstanding occuring here. Mott insulators, or even the Mott-Hubbard bands, says NOTHING about Pauli's work. In fact, it is BECAUSE of the pauli exclusion principle that an antiferromagnetic ground state of Mott compound is an insulator and NOT a metal, as predicted by conventional band theory. The electrons just simply cannot hop to the next site occupied site due to the exclusion principle. It is conventional band theory that failed, not "pauli's work".

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