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The peasants revolt 1381

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    The 1300s a cruel time, in 1381 Wat Tighler (Tyler) gathered a 100,000 men
    and marched to "Smithfield", to meet Richard the 11,to make demands for a fair way of life . on the way this army attacted abbeys and monasteries, killed lawyers and judges and released their brothers from prison.
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    When you think about it this was an revolt off nearly 700 years ago that had its origins in the first 'poll tax'. Remember the second poll tax and the riots across the UK in the early 1990's. A tax first imposed on my fellow Scots.
    If you look through history its astonishing what you find. The levellers were powerful lobbyists in the 1600's for universal sufferage for all men, equality and the abolishment of the monarchy.
    Demands that nearly 400 years later are largely and sadly unachieved.
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    It's interesting to note that the village Wat Tyler resided in is called Fobbing. I wonder if this where "fobbing off" came from? Anyone have any information on this?
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