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The perfect computer idea

  1. Jan 5, 2004 #1
    Me and my other school friend have developed an idea for the perfect computer. It is not practical at this point in technology, and has some far fetched ideas. We were wondering if this could even be remotely possible. Plz Post comments.

    Ok, here is the computer. First, the computers mobo, processor, and ram need to be almost custom crafted. Each molecule must be designated as a switch, with either a left or right handed molecule. This improves the speed and the amount of memory that can be handled at one time. HP has already begun prototypes of these types of computer chips. Then a nuclear fusion reactor must be crafted. It will not need any coolants or anything, so all i need is the reactor and some matter to be fused. Next I need photons. I am not sure exactly how much i need. (A theory that I have heard about is that photons can travel between quantum universes. IF this is true, proceed to read in this column. If this is not possible move to number 2. This idea would be the ideal situation) Next, a failed quantum universe with absolute nothing in it, not even matter, would be needed. Next, two perfectly spherical spheres of dark matter must be found. A superconductor must also be created, with the wires within in fractions of absolute zero. (If it was absolute zero, could electricity flow? Also, what is the most efficient temperature for electricity? If it is fractions near absolute zero than Please do not answer my questions.) 2 Electro magnets must be created and hooked up to the superconductor that is attached to the nuclear fusion reactor. THis magnet (I hope) would keep the dark matter together in a perfect sphere. (Wouldn't the shielding effect destroy the perfect sphere? Im not sure, but maybe the electro magnets would help the dark matter keep a constant perfectly spherical shape. Then, the computer would have to be pushed by photons into the failed quantum universe. The computer would then boot up on a hacked Linux kernel setup, for maximum stability. (Would a DOS or BIOS OS be a better choice than Linux? I was not sure about the limitations of DOS or a BIOS Chip OS{a BIOS Chip OS would be so cool though}) The Dark matter would be so dense that it would pull all the energy that would normally melt the reactor and the computer away from the actual machinery. There would be a one way elliptical heat transfer at each of the poles of the computer. The computer could be overclocked to the max of the most stable hacked OS, and that would be the only thing limiting it.

    2. If the whole photon and failed quantum universe idea cannot work, a fusion engine must be created. The reactor can power it. The computer would then be placed in deep outer space. No dark matter would be needed. The heat would be spread out away from the computer into the edges of the universe. I personally think having a comp in another quantum universe would be cooler, but hey, either one would be sweet.

    Please post comments.

    Idea theorized by 3 Sophmores in High School, Jay, Kenny, and Andrew.
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  3. Jan 11, 2004 #2
    Hmm...it seems that you are working with the technical side!

    But I can't say will that be perfect or not! Perfectness is a relative thing...it can be perfect in this time but not-perfect in another time :(

    So, better think of new ideas behind computer!

    As far as I know todays computer is working in the way of Turing Machine!

    Now let's try to develop new ideas!
  4. Feb 17, 2004 #3
    You mean perfect CHIP!

    I designed "the perfect computer" almost 20 years ago:

    One body of data, and all programs are just "plug-ins," all on the same data. Open a word processing tool (program), database tool (program), graphics tool (program), music tool (you get the idea) and the tools all know how to work on the data.

    Well thanks, I've had that thought in my head for years and years, now it's released! he he..

    Good computing to all, Teo :wink: :wink:
  5. Feb 27, 2004 #4
    Sorry, but your "idea for a perfect computer" is more like a dream of what we will do with emerging technology that is not fully understood. It is impossible to postulate uses for such technology. I won't even get into the logistics of each detail you mentioned because I could spend all day.

    Anyway, in the interest of contributing something constructive, I believe a perfect computer is not made in hardware but software. It doesn't matter how fast it is or how it completes its task, the important thing is that it does. I think the 'perfect computer' would be made by the 'perfect operating system.'
  6. Apr 26, 2004 #5
    can you post a link to the HP research done on such a chip? Im not aware of what you described
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