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The perfect Gear size

  1. Jun 14, 2003 #1
    I am tring to make a design consisting of three gears, all gears will be affixed by their center and always remain in straight alignment with each other. The first gear is triangular in shape and stays stationary. The two outer gears will be free to move (while staying aligned) around the center gear and outwards to compensate for the triangular shape of the center gear.

    I need to know the exact number of teeth, pitch, I diameter, O diameter, P.A.

    The objective:
    - First gear is stationary and triangular in shape.
    - Gear 2 & 3 are free to rotate around the center gear
    - All three gears must remain aligned.
    - Gear 3 must make 3 complete PERFECT rotations around _IT's_ center while the whole design makes _1_ full rotation around the first gear's center.
    - All gears must be in the _exact_ same place as they were before it started.

    If you can assits me with this problem i would be Very Grateful.
    My understanding of gears is not that high.

    Thanks in Advance.
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