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The perfect national constitution

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    If you were to create a constitution for your nation, whichever it might be, what would it contain? What is needed for the perfect constitution?
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    My perfect constitution:

    -Socialized health care: 100% corporate and government funded. If a doctor can't book his whole schedule or scedule an MRI in a timely manner, he can be fired.

    -No media censorship. Parents can program their TV's or cable/satellite systems for parental controls, or get a V-chip. We won't make everyone have to try to enjoy programming around bleeps, blurts and blurries.

    -All drugs are legal. You can huff plutonium if you want, thank you for helping with population control. The only non medicinal/nutritional drugs allowed to be commercially sold are tobacco products, alcohol and marijuana. Proffessional athletes only may not use performance enhancing drugs.

    -A degree may not be used as an employment prerequisite. They can be used by employers, but an alternate test for aptitudes in that field must also be provided. An employer may require a degree only if they provide it and all the relevant training, free of charge to the applicant.

    -Anyone who doesn't use their turn signal when turning or changing lanes will be subject to criminal prosecution, up to and including life in prison, $250 (or $340,000,000 USD) or death by firing squad.
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    Excellent. Short and to the point, at less than 200 words. Have you done this before?
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    I like to brainstorm stuff all the time. You can just take the things you don't like about our society and reverse them. I ommitted an important point though.

    -Each street shall be given its own unique name, which may not be repeated in the country. It shall maintain the same name for its entire distance. Street signs must be posted at every intersection, and every house and business must have their address posted, clearly visible from the street.

    When I establish my country, this constitution will be more comprehensive, most likely containing elements from the U.S. Constitution.
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