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The periodic table of quantum energy.

  1. Theory of Universal law states There are only so many so you can compute to infinity

  2. Theory of Universal law states There are only so many so you can't compute to infinity

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  3. AREA 51 and X has done it..

  4. We can now make are own universe's

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  1. Apr 11, 2004 #1
    Theory of everything is knowing the quantum address of all matter in our quantum tunnel. That a magnetic frequence at such a magnitude that it finds all dimensions around.

    So Fundamental Frequency is the true law of physics and anything can be created and controlled in the right order.
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    I canot tell you everything. Everything is possible we are now so advanced we can compute to infinet so go out side and injoy life once you find what you are looking for it not really what it is it's somthing else to fill the void it's called the code @ www.beyond-science.com [Broken]
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