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The Peripatetic Albert

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    I am an amateur, reading Einstein's Relativity for the first time.

    Naturally, I have questions.

    I am not aiming to disprove relativity, nor to flaunt my erudition.

    I am just trying to fill out the model so that I can freely "walk around in it".

    I would like to correspond with anyone who has read Relativity or who can provide me with able assistance on the concepts exposed by Dr. Einstein.

    Any help?

    - After all, are we not all mere reference molluscs?
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    Step 1: Find a better book to learn relativity from than Einstein's Relativity.

    Step 2: Read that book instead.

    - Warren
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    Dear Warren,

    Thank you for your advice. At this point, I am fairly happy with Dr. Einstein's "clear explanation that anyone can understand." As you point out, there are probably better exegeses out there, but I feel that Dr. Einstein has done a good enough job, especially as far as SR, for me to begin to understand the model.

    In addition, Dr. Einstein's book is the one I have on hand. Undoubtedly, other reference works are valuable and will be helpful. I have found, for instance, J.C.A. Wevers' Physics Formulary quite handy.

    But perhaps you can recommend a better book for this investigation. Your recommendation would be welcome.
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