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The Philladephia experiment?

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    I always wondered about this.

    Is it really possible to transport a huge ship through space and time?

    For those who never heard of this Project. It was an expermiment to make a WW2 battleship invisible and transport it throght space and time. It said that it happened.
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    Oh boy... The regulars are going to have a blast with this one! Really though, the military even put out an official letter on the subject. The project had nothing to do with transporting it through space and time, and the invisibility had nothing to do with vision.

    http://www.history.navy.mil/faqs/faq21-1.htm [Broken] although this is not the first text I saw put out by the government, I believe it to be accurate. The ship in question (USS Eldridge) was involved in an experiment of sorts to degauss a ship. Because the earth's magnetic field isn't uniform, moving through different areas of the world (up and down in lattitude more specifically) causes ships to build up a slight electric charge which will throw off the ships' navigation tools such as its compass, as well as make them vulnerable to magnetic field-seeking water mines. It's been awhile since I read anything on the subject, (going by the site nearly verbatim) but anyway an attempt to degauss the ship by placing a bunch of cables with electricity going through them caused the ship to become invisible to detection by mines put in the water.
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    That project has changed by quite a bit by discussion on the Art Bell show, now mostly the George Noory show: coasttocoastam.com .
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