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The philosophy forums

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    This no religion thing is getting a bit out of hand, wouldn't you agree (preferably someone who actually reads the philosophy forums :P)? I mean... Here's a post. There was absolutely no reason for that to be closed- the no religion thing said no RELIGIOUS posts (EG "How does John 3:16 effect your lifestyle?"), but philosophical discussions about the existance of a god were still fine. That thread (the one the link went to) perfectly fit those criteria, it was a philosophical discussion and not a religious one. It seems like several posts that shouldn't have been locked HAVE been locked lately, and it's rather annoying... Not that I'm asking anyone to just do whatever I say, I would just like the admins to take a look at some of the posts that have been locked lately (like that one) and see if they agree with me. Thanks :)
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    as a member of PF for almost 3 years, i have seen that most of the religious topics turn into high emotional mud slinging...i really don't care to sift through this BS and it is our policy to not have religious discussions...there is always the option of submitting posts from our archives, perhaps you might find a religious discussion that intrigues you there...
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    My very point is that not all of the topics being locked are "religious". (defined by the notice prohibiting them)
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    when we decided to nix the religion forum, we decided to continue discussions regarding "god" in the philosophical perspective...

    see this link for further clairification:

    God Topics

    religion entails the denominations of belief, "god" doesn't necessarily mean religion...
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