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The Philosophy of Transtopianism

  1. Dec 26, 2003 #1
    The Transtopian Principles

    General goal: infinite existence under the best possible conditions
    Primary means: reason, science, and technology
    Motivation: enlightened self-interest

    Transtopianism is a memetic complex, a collection of mutually supporting (and partially overlapping) concepts, lifestyles, worldviews, and philosophies. Though none of its separate components, grouped together in 12 Principles, are particularly new or unique, the combination is. Transtopianism is a typical example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts; its rational enlightenment "spontaneously" emerges from a collection of useful but individually limited memes, just like human consciousness "spontaneously" emerges from a collection of sophisticated yet individually limited brain cells.

    Central to Transtopianism is the view that we should seek to void all limits on our freedom, including those imposed by the "laws" of nature -- a concept known as "arch-anarchy" [T.O. Morrow, 1990]. This state of absolute personal freedom is to be achieved by rational means like science and technology, not by wishful thinking or superstition. Transtopianism may include some "speculative", or even what one might call "religious" or "spiritual" elements, but these are all placed within a solid framework of common sense, where they belong. Transtopianism is designed to be the ultimate rational "rebellion" against anything and everything that stands in the way of personal growth and empowerment. Unlike most supposedly similarly-oriented philosophies (LaVeyan Satanism, Objectivism, and Nihilism, for example), it recognizes that in order to realize this ideal we must leave the flesh and most of its evolved habits behind. We must evolve beyond them by literally becoming one with our technologies, guided by our rational desire to become like our finest imaginary gods: eternal, omniscient, omnipotent. That is the true significance of gods; they are the embodiment of man's deepest aspirations and desires, which, until recently, were doomed to remain just that. Fortunately, the times they are a-changing...

    Complete text at http://www.transtopia.org/principles.html
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    You cannot survive for eternity, inevitably equilibrium will be reached. Though, if it is possible, we can survive for a very long time whilst the universe slowly expands for eternity or whatever. By us I mean, whatever takes over from humanity or whatever humanity evolves into, if we don't accidentally ignite all the hydrogen on this planet before hand.
  4. Dec 27, 2003 #3
    It actually provides a good religious idea for a secular age, and even the basis for a new morality. We can overcome most obstacles to our indefinite survival by an increasingly acute and deep understanding of natural forces and in turn using this for technological innovation (which itself is a means for keeping the forces of darkness that threaten human survival and prosperity at bay)>
  5. Dec 28, 2003 #4
    Transtopians speculate at the creation of the Singularity: a point of accelerated intelligence where the resulting entity can directly control the expansion/retraction of the universe. Yes, lot's of speculation, but the idea still entertains me.
  6. Dec 28, 2003 #5
    Assuming this transtopianist society would need to find a method of allowing sentient life to exist which uses less and less energy. Perhap a supercomputer constructed using superconductors. Eventually the current will become less and less as energy is lost, but this only slows the process down and the sentient life form will notice nothing. The process will never reach a complete halt. Then again, maybe the computer 'matrix' will reach an equilibrium state.
  7. Dec 28, 2003 #6
    If the theory that the universe is locked in an infinite cycle of expansion and retraction, eternal survival is entirely possible. All we have to do is find a way to "jump" out of this universe, this dimesion, whatever, long enough to avoid the cataclysm and return again to find a new universe waiting for us. We have a few trillion years to develop that ability. Heh.
  8. Dec 29, 2003 #7
    Aren't you just talking about the technological benefits of scientific knowledge?
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