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The physics behind pyrotechnics

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    Does anybody know any information reguarding the physics behind pyrotechnics?
    Such as:
    1. Figuring the height an aerial shell (projectile) will reach.
    2. Graphing the path of the shell (projectile) when fired at an angle.

    I understand what factors influence the answers to these questions, I just don't know how to put it all together.

    Some factors that I know of would be:
    1. The amount of propellent used to send the shell into the air.
    2. The maximum velocity of the projectile.
    3. The size(height, width) of the mortar from which it is fired.
    4. Drag, Gravity, Weight, Speed etc..

    Some formulas for figuring these out would be greatly appreciated.

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    Thanks.. Good page.
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