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The physics behind tilting trains - my oral physics exam

  1. Jun 10, 2005 #1
    Hi folks!

    I'm having my oral exam in physics here in Norway this tuesday. The theme for my exam is "tilting trains". Here is the translated assignement:

    What is a tilting train, and how does the physics behind the tilting work?

    Why is travelling with tilting trains more comfortable than travellng with normal trains?

    Why is the wear and tear on the superstructure less with a tilting train?

    I'm also supposed to pick out other topics of relevance to this context.

    Here is the other subjects that I've found out this far:

    • Centrifugal and gravitational forces
    • Inertial forces
    • air resistance, air drag, friction
    • hydraulics, pressure

    I was wondering if any of you guys could help me out:

    • coming up with other subjects that I can use on my exam
    • it would also be very nice if you could come up with any practical demonstration that I can perform on my exam - taking the limitations of the equipment on a normal physicslab into consideration.

    Look, I'm NOT asking you to actually do my whole exam, I'm just asking for some help brainstorming on subjects and themes for demonstrations that I can perform.

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

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