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The physics of audio

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    hello, does anyone happen to have any good links to websites for physics relating to audio? i am going to be doing a report on "the physics of stereo systems", and i need some good information to use for it, and i am also intrested in learning more about this subject... i have been searching, but not comming up with much luck... thank you
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    I am not going to do the searches for you but will attempt to point you toward the fields of Physics which apply.

    The starting point would be the source. If the source of your music is a CD you need to know about LASERs which leads you to QUANTUM MECHANICS to understand the fundamental operation. Then the optical variations need to be changed to electrical signals. This can be done with PHOTO DIODES. More Quantum Mechanics. Once you have an electrical signal you will need to know about the electronics of an AMPLIFIER work. This will lead you to ELECTRO MAGNETISM. Here the words VOLTAGE, CURRENT, RESISTANCE and CAPACITANCE will need to be investigated.

    Now that the signal has been read and amplified it must be converted to sound energy in the speakers. This is more electro magnetism this time with INDUCTANCE being critical.

    If your source is the radio you should research the SUPERHETRODYNE RECEIVER, AMPLITUDE MODULATION, FREQUENCY MODULATION and ANTENNA.

    The all caps words are key words to guide your investigations.

    Good Luck
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