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The Physics of Inflation

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    >>I'm trying to create a design for an improved, non-hesitationg pilot-chute, but going back through all my old text books I cannot find anything about the physics of inflation (which I understand are complex and chaotic). The only reference materials I've been able to find is a book called "Parachute Recovery Systems Design Manual" by Knacke, but it's rare and will take months to acquire. Is anyone out there familiar with the physics of inflation, or can point me to some reference materials containing theories, formula's, spec's, experimental designs etc for parachutes? An odd request I know but any help would be welcome!
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    >>Just in case anyone's interested, I found some info on work being done by TASFM as Rice University on this subject. Apparently Fluid Dynamics governs inflation, which hadn't occured to me.


    >>Here's one on a study of the old round parachute design:

    http://www.mems.rice.edu/TAFSM/PROJ/FSI/axi_para.html [Broken]
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    I saw a NOVA special on NASA's Mars mission. There was 20 minutes or so on the parachute design and problems with inflation. You may want to look into that.
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