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The physics of the lever

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    I'm back again. My physics of the lever is better than any other.

    All of physics, even Newtonian mechanics stumble upon
    The Physics Of The LEVER!!!
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    me & sexwish, we are one


    I tauhght I was banned so I preregistered under dedaNoe.

    How are this attractors, on the page you provided, physics related?
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    With a nice language feature! :biggrin: :wink:
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    My law for dynamics of the lever was:

    F'=Fsoc(a)-Dsin(a) and D'=Fsin(a)+Dcos(a)

    It is a sort of linear attractor, right?

    Have you seen my simulation?
    For binary dept = 2 it's simple, two weights lever...
    For binary dept = 14 it's highly complex, chaotic lever...

    But can we, please, stick to my Physics Of The Lever instead of jumping to other theories (chaos theory)?
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    But the most phenomena in nature are complex, so why should we stick in the trivial side of the Physics Of The Lever, instead of exploring any possible state of it?

    If you clime that the Physics Of The Lever is a fundamental law of nature, then, in my opinion, you cannot limit your research to some limited side of it.
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